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Each piece of art has a story. The feelings or thoughts of the artist is captured within the canvas and preserved for their reference.The people may not recognise the different stories behind the colours and strokes, but the creator surely can. Through time, the pieces of art become all the more precious with the memories it holds.Its a safe for the fond and the lonesome times of the artist. It seems that for Jung Jessica, her paintings are the only things left to reassure her that what she remembers was not something of the imagination. Her stories remain within the paintings and comfort her into believing that she hasnt gone completely mad with the realm of her memories.As time progresses, she finds herself finding it a lot harder to recall the memories precisely and begins to lose her drive to continue her works. She has no memories left to record, to paint, to express. All she is left with is a messy art studio with countless failed attempts at recreating the past.It was only when she recieves a phone call from her past, requesting to meet her privately that she begins to recall the memories clearly.  ForewordThis is in a different format to what i usually write.It will mostly be flash backs and not much on the present time. :Trying out the circle story where the story ends where it starts. Idk how its going to play out but you never know unless you try ^^ I was going to put a second part to this one shot buuuuuuut... Ill see.I might, depending on how far i get. Most of my attempts just end halfway through so I cant guarantee anything more than a oneshot.