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Sorry I am not Korean. If anything contradicts to Koreans tradition, do forgive me and highlight.Thanks.  ForewordKim Jong Kook, 35 years old successful business man, who has been in many relationships that at the ends fail because none of the woman could satisfy his mother. Until one day, he stops looking and its worried his mother. She finally met her and arranged a marriage to which he agrees unconditionally, even without seeing her until their wedding day. He only gives attention to his arranged marriage a day before the wedding ceremony. Song Ji Hyo, 29 years old, the only heir of billionaire Song Young-Chang. She loves photography and being single freely to do whatever she wants than fulfilling his plans for her to take over his pharmaceutical business. After all the years of frustration, he has no other option that threatens to kill himself if she decides to pursue her own plans. He secretly planned a marriage of his daughter with the second son of Kim Soo Mi, his wife best friend. Though he is worried that his daughter might refuse the marriage, but to his surprise, she agrees unconditionally, even without seeing him until their wedding day. She only returns to South Korea a day before the wedding day.What will happen?