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Tiffany was a stranger and Taeyeon hated strangers. A coincidental meeting at an intersection lead them to an intersection in their heart.  “Tiffany.”“My name, it is Tiffany.” “Okay. Nice to meet you again, Tiffany.” “And you’re not gonna tell me yours?” “It’s Taeyeon.”  ForewordHello I am back with my another one-shot. I wrote this when I was stuck in my flight while hearing Taeyeon’s new song, “Secret". I was immersed with the song’s lyrics. My mind started to draw the scene and this story was born. I hope you will like it and give it much support. All constructive critics and comments are very appreciated. Enjoy the story, guys! TY so much,Kim SaRa ====== Beta reading by cupcakemuffin from Ninetails Multi Academy - thanks for fixing my jarring grammar mistakes :)Cover and background image by IzzyBelle34 from Azure Graphics - I really love the cover, I really do! TY so much!Review by KimHyojin from Cosmos Review Shop - I wasnt lying when I said I couldnt stop grinning when reading the review. Thanks so much.Review by dhaatk from TRAVVA Review Shop (67/70 or 96%)- Thanks fot a very detail review for DisclosedReview by BlackRosesTears from Seojeom Review Shop (96/100)- I hardly believe I almost get perfect score for this :)====== Credits to: for beta reading for cover image for reviewfor review==== This story is submitted for Sungyeolbaekhyun87s Writing Contest