Hold your hand

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Author: Hokaido--pie
Time: 7 month ago

"Please hold my hand, so that I can show the whole world that you are mine. Forever                                                                                             and ever. Until eternity dies."  Choi Sooyoung and Kris Wu have always been best friends since they were babies in diapers. When they were younger, they liked the same cartoons, and watched it together. When they get slightly older, they listened and liked the same music and not only that, they joined the same club. Now that they entered highschool, Kris Wu got rejected by Tiffany Hwang for the fifth time, while Choi Sooyoung broke up with her ex-boyfriend, Luhan, for the fifth time that day.They had always thought of themselves as just best friends, but what if one of them wanted more?  "Theres nothing like us, theres nothing like you and me, together through the storm." ForewordI think this story would be short and sweet. Hope you enjoy! SUbscribe and comment! :D