Twisted Fate

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3 year old Cheon Seong-Im was taken under the care of her foster parents when her family received numerous threats from their business competitors, forcing them to leave the country. Now, she is back with a college degree and happens to apply for a position at the company.Will she ever find out about the true identity that she was kept away from?Read about her journey as she uncovers the secrets and experience the unexpected relationship she never dreamed of.   ForewordHi everyone, I have always been a reader of fanfictions and I finally decided to write one of my own. Since it’s my first time, I hope you would not mind the mistakes and enjoy the story as much as I have writing it. Do leave your comments to let me know of your opinions and thank you for taking time to read my story.This story is based on my imagination and if there are any similarities with other fanfictions, it must be a coincidence.PS. I am not too familiar with the Korean culture and language so do forgive me if there are any errors.