Faults and Resolve.

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Time: 6 month ago

He cheated. You broke up. You fell in love with someone unexpected. He wants you back, but youre getting married soon...ANONS REQUEST: "How about one where Kai cheats on you but he wants you back but in the process of that you fall in love with Suho and you two are going to get married soon? (angsty but happy ending please and no cliffhanger T.T)". *AUTHORS NOTE* Im about to come off as a huge bitch: Im sorry but Im not going to compromise my writing style. I already dont like writing angst with "happy endings" because thats kind of difficult to do and it changes the whole mood and defeats the purpose of the story being an angst. Itll be even harder with this given scenario at that. I end my stories the way I do so the reader can use their imagination to ultimately make up their own ending. I feel like its a little more personal that way. Foreword-- credit for the plot idea goes out to the anon who sent in the request on tumblr.