From Nothing to Everything

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Time: 6 month ago

Jessica Jung. Half Korean-American girl that moves to Korea for doing her college in Seoul University. She moves to Korea along with her sister, Krystal. She know nothing about Koreans, but when she met her friends in college, she through many hard times and desperated for her life. And for the only reason, she always get through the hard times because the one that always she trusted since the first, and loved her. What will happen when that one person is making a mistake that cant be understand? Kim Taeyeon. An almost nerd girl that have many secrets. But, when it comes to the one she loved. She will do anything she could, to protect them. She never been so friendly to new person in her life. If she does, well that person must be so special to her. She never make a mistake, but one day she got problem. Its something that cant be understand and sounds funny, but it caused the one she loved is suffering. What will she do? ForewordHey everyone! Im new here, this is my first fict. i really dont have anything to say about this, since actually my english arent that good. But, ill try my best to make this story is easy to understand. i hope you guys will enjoy this fict as much as my friend does!