My Heart Still Wishes For You

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Can love ruin friendship? Can friendship restrain love? We are in a world where simple questions are hard to answer. Be with Jessica and Donghae as they walk through the painful path of wonderful love. ^^  ForewordWill you marry me now? little Jessica said.Can you make me happy? Can i make you happy?Yes! because we are friends! Yeah thats right! Because we are friends!No, well marry because of love. Love will make us happy, not friendship.Hmmm... then you have to love me so that i can love you, or i have to love you so that you can love me?No Sica, We cant force love. We must feel itHow? ------------------------------------My first story so you have to bear with me. ^^ i was never a writer but im trying because i have so many concepts running in my brain. Please be appreciative ^^ ....and dont take any of it, dont plagiarize, okay? ^^ thanks~