It Hurts

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Author: --Sica
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It seems like a daily routine for her to look at him but shes tired of such a life. She wants things to change. She wants things to be different. She wants him to look only at her. Once is just enough, she pleads.  "I cant breathe without you, but I have to..." ~~~ AUTHORS MESSAGE: Hello, I love PINK! /shot for being random! This is my very first story (HaeSica) in AFF and Im submitting it for ❀} in_mag_vous CONTEST. I hope I can win! Please support by subscribing and commenting. I love Jessica and I ship them alot! I decided to add an unexpected twist to the ending so hope you guys enjoy reading this one-shot! Poster credits to slowmotion graphics.  Foreword Will her pleads be heard?Will his pain be healed? Characters:Jessica (24)Pretty, smart and cold-hearted, shes justa girl who lives behind a facade. Donghae (26)Hes good-looking and every girls dream guy. But he has a pain no one knows.