The Sound of the Rain

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the sound of the rain                  a short story about a girl and her strange relationship with the rain."Is this sound of the rain, your voice?Is this a sound that calls to me? Am I the only one thinking of you?Will this rain comfort me?Do you know how I feel? I keep thinking of you." » What she didnt know was that she had a secret relationship going on between her and the rain itself. The phone calls, the texts... They were anonymous. Their way of communication was a total mystery.She didnt know who or what was calling.The time the phone calls would come, she would always open the window curtains and space out outside by instinct.She longingly stared at the gloomy rain. There was one time when the calls had stopped...Before she realized it, she was waiting for them. What would you, from the other side of the phone, bring? A contest entry for annyeonghaseyo! writing contest.Story prompt: B.A.Ps Rain Sound - Song.Story layout by Love Rush.Word Count: 4,978 words. ForewordHey peeps~ Yeah. I know that I still have a lot to do, but meh. You cant stop an overly excited author. Anyways, this is my first contest entry, so please support me~ And no, I dont actually aim for the prize or whatever, I just want you guys to enjoy. :D Oh, and the author of the contest is a Daehyun fan herself, like I am. So this is some sort of a... Gift? Daehyun fans rejoice. xDAny who, Ill stop being random. Ive got two days of exam determination left in me, so I better use them than waste precious time in front of the computer. xD Two more days, and Im gonna make you guys puke with a ton of updates~ Endure it, these lesson stuff aint gonna memorize by itself~ :3-greasyinspirit