Capturing Taemin-Oppa

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credits || Aries - Graphic Request Shop || poster Following the success ofHello, Onew-appaDating SHINee Jonghyun is a no-noI hate Key-sunbaeAndChoi Minho’s Damsel in DistressIhartjinki proudly presents her member number 5 offering….Featuring SHINee’s Dancing Maknae, Lee Taemin“Stop being so clingy. I won’t like you anyway.” // “Don’t talk to me as if you’ve already predicted the future.”  As we all know, guys, the original CHASING LEE TAEMIN is missing so Im posting this as an alternative while the original story is away. Though, guys, I think I wont be able to post the rest of the chapters until Thursday evening. Were still hoping for the original story to come back, right? But I suggest you to subscribe to this as well because Ill start posting everything by thursday night just in case we wont be able to retrieve the original one anymore. OKAY, GUYS ~ Lets wait more. XDP.S : It depends.. If Chasing Lee Taemin comes back when Ive already posted more than 20 chapters for this, then well delete the original one. It also depends on the number of subbies. Of course... I dont want to other readers to miss out on the story especially when they subbed to the original one ahead of time. I feel so sorry for the readers, to be honest. >.< Foreword CHARACTERS: Lee TaeminAm I supposed to find that special girl right now after Minho-hyung got married? Am I being pressured? Do I have to go next? I don’t think so. I might as well enjoy every moment that I spend as a profound bachelor. I am the only single SHINee member now that all of the hyungs went to settle their lives with someone they love. Waahh… I somehow feel lonely. No more funny and childish hyungs in the dorm with me. Lee Taemin is left alone… I don’t want to sound rude, but Minho-hyung’s sister-in-law is a little bit annoying. No. She’s very annoying. It’s not that I cannot take her. I’m used to annoying people for some of our fans, specifically the sasaeng fans, are more annoying and they are those that really get to my nerves. I just don’t want that Juliette… no. She’s Hwang Jooyoung. I only know Juliette as a fictional character and a name of our song. There’s no other Juliette. That girl is Hwang Jooyoung. Period. Let’s end the conversation up here. I need to go clubbing to meet girls and stuff. Should I try dating a noona for real? Keke. Hwang Jooyoung (Juliette)I left Korea when I was just 8 and lived in US for 10 years. Culture differences, of course. Almost a lot has changed to me personally when I came back to South Korea. Living back to where I was before, I felt like somehow, I am a total stranger to my own country. Ever since I came back to my home country, I’ve heard people saying I’m too aggressive. I’m too liberated, and I exercise freedom so much. I don’t know, but they all look at me like what I am doing is something an 18 year old girl must not do. What is so wrong in being expressive? Don’t they exercise freedom of expression in this country?Whatever. I don’t care about what people say, nor do I care about those fangirls’ talk about me. So what if I cling around Lee Taemin that much? Is it my fault that Choi Minho happens to be my long lost sister’s boyfriend? I bet all of them are drooling in envy because they don’t have such opportunity to get Lee Taemin as much as I have. Ways of getting Lee Taemin? Tell me. I’ll do it. If perseverance is a key to success… will Jooyoung be able to win Taemin by this?