My Dark Angel

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In the spirit world, there are 2 types of angels. The good white angels and the dark black angels. Kim Jonghyun is from the dark angels, he was given a mission. A mission that would test his loyalty. In order to complete this mission, he must "eliminate" the guardian angel, disguise himself, and guide an innocent girl to her own destruction.  Will he complete his mission?     ♦ Authors Note ♦I was inspired to write this fiction after re-watching SHINees Ring Ding Dong Video and because of the picture above.For this story, I wont be stating the Point Of View. Youll just have to read on and figure it out on your own. Dont worry, Ill make simple enough so you can figure it out. Comment, Subscribe, and Upvote!   Character Bios:Kim Jonghyun24 years old (human age)Has been an angel for 20+ yearsHas a dark past Choi Hana22 years oldHas known Minho all her lifeFate has something planned for her Choi Minho22 years old (human age)Has been an angel for 50+ yearsKnows everything   ♦ Other characters will makes an appearance ♦   Foreword "I have chosen you to be the next ruler of all the dark angels. Do you accept this responsibility." asked the head dark angel."I accept." I answer full of confidence. Ive been training for this ever since I became a dark angel."Good. Here" he said handing me an envelope. "This is your mission. If you complete this successfully, you will be the new King.""I will succeed." I answer bowing. He motioned me out of the room, and I left.When I left the castle, I grew out my dark black wings and flew home.I entered my house and kicked off my shoes. I walked over to the couch and threw myself on it. All my hard work is finally paying off.I reached into my back pocket, and pulled out the mission envelope. I carefully opened it and realized it was a list. 1. Eliminate the guardian angel, Choi Minho.2. Go to earth, and befriend Choi Hana3. Destroy her. Seems pretty simple. The name sounds oddly familiar. I get this strange feeling in my chest when I say this girls name. Who is she?