Mr Annoyance

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~SummaryA young, male photographer gets the chance to work with SHINee. From the first moment there is something between Key and the photographer. Nothing close to love, more something as a mutual dislike.  ~Characters• Yang JongkyuA 23  freelance photographer, which can be described by one word (more or less): quiet. He likes more to be sitting somewhere and listening to someone instead of talking. Also he has to stop smoking from his friend Changho. • Bang ChanghoJongkyus closest friend who works as a stylist for various magazines. He is 24 and knows the other man long enough by now. His personality is almost the opposite of Jongkyu. He talks more and loves to go on for hours of telling the most random crap.• Kim Kibum (Key)The all famous, rapper/dancer/singer from SHINee. Mostly known as the diva and the blunt one of the 5. Childish at moments or arrogant as f*#& • Those other 4 dumbasses of shining SHINee. • Lee Seyoung (CROSS GENE)Eldest member of Cross Gene (but not the leader). A friend of Jongkyu and Changho.   Foreword~InformationAuthor: The all famous taekwoon-nim (aka iVonCrapp) Length: Mini serie / chapteredWord count: Shall I say in productionGenre: Romance, Comedy, OCxBias, YaoiStatus: In productionRating: PG-13Coupling: Jongkyu (MALE OC) x Key  ~DisclaimerI dont own the picture. I dont own (sadly) Key or those other 4 idiots (that we all love!). Also I dont own Lee Chihoon, the ulzzang that figures as Yang Jongkyu. And I also dont own Lee Seyoung from Cross Gene. "The names are randomly (with some research) chosen. If the name maybe the same as some Korean guy, Im sorry I use your name. (Same goes for Bang Changho.)What I do own. My storyline (if its the same... sorry its by coincidence then) and the fact I made the poster...   ~Sneak Peak‘It’s not about the work,’ Jongkyu mumbled, while he let his lungs fill with the intoxicating smoke and slowly blew it out again, making Changho cough a slightly bit. ‘Then what it is?’ ‘Mr Annoyance.’ ‘Who?’ ‘That guy named, Key.’ Comment, Sub (okay it ended but whatever), upvote ^^© taekwoon-nim, iVonCrapp, 2013.