Mirrors Deception

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I close my eyes trying to endure the strong pain overwhelming as soon as I let the sharp thing runs across my pale wrist . I see crimson coloured liquids streaming down straight to the white tiles. they look beautiful . overflowing tears mix with the fresh blood that endlessly dripping out. Its a hurtful collaboration that none has ever realised.  Perfect .  rings"N-Natalie ? I cant do this anymore. I-i"   "Ill come. Dont do anything stupid, you crazy!"  While I am actually the stupid one who is stuck in a mess with blood all over the floor despite I feel relieve as Im satisfied with my action. I glance at my wrist that is decorated with a deep gash and is still bleeding the dipshit pain out of me. this world is just too cruel for me.   My gaze drop to a mirror which is a few metres away.  I stare at the reflection . I see a girl .  she looks as pathetic as me and Shes drowning with bloods . also , she has scars all over her arms yet no one realises since she is an expertise at pretending to be fine. Yes. She should receive an award.   I search through the closet and change into a black sweatshirt. Its perfect enough to cover everything.   There I am . looking completely fine in front of a tall standing mirror. The oversized sweatshirt hide every scars underneath. Everything looks fine except for the expression shown on my face. The best way to fix it is by wearing a make up .  not the mainstream one that include mascara , eye liner or whatsoever . its a smile.  mirrors lie. They dont show you whats inside.   Yes. They dont.   Foreword  Natalie Liew , a name that I have been carried along since I was born to this dramatic world. When I was just a stupid 3 year old , I thought that life must have been easier that I couldnt wait to grow up fast. But dreams betrayed me. Im now facing a disaster.    I realise how people are reckless and ruthless, including myself. I was not born with a high IQ that I could merely think of all the consequences that I may face for every action I make. Instead, I do what my heart tells me to.   let your heart guide you. It whispers so listen carefully.I listen to it every time .its a triumphant lie.    Maybe things would be better if I hadnt done it in the first place. That time when I was only 13, where people say the real challenges begin, its true. I suffer a lot ever since . Is that something that I should regret?   Somehow , I manage to carry another role inside me.  How dramatic. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~     Natalie Liew is a bright girl. She always helps everyone in need. Shes a kind and soft-hearted. Cries easily over small matters yet manage to stand up tall after falling deep down. Shes strong. A smart girl. One of the best student in school and she usually never even cares about anything nonsense.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~       I cant stand it anymore. When am I going to die? Why people keep pushing me to do this and that. I have my own life and I deserve the responsibility to decorate my life with colourful moments though sometimes theres always black in the middle. I hate comparison . I hate crying over everything . Im suffering yet no one has realised. I must change and I dont want to care even a slight dusk of a matter. Thats how Id be happy.  Ill be the cold-hearted Natalie Liew. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~            What you see outside ,       Is a mask to cover the inside.