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Hello,This is MUSHROOMQUEENYOUNGJIMaking a Request shop were you can get both Smut and Romance storiesI will warn you if the onehot has a smut so be carefulRequest FormCharacter:Only one kpop idolOC Name:Korean NameScenario:1 or 2 senteces {Plase dont make it confusing]Rated M:Yes/NoGenre:Romance/Fluff/Smut/Sad/Happy/SchoollifeSong:Optional      ForewordRules1.I dont make stories that quickly so You will have to wait.Ill write on your wall when im finished with your request2.Its my first time wrting a smut so if you dont like it isnt my fault3.No karma points needed4.Dont rush me5.I dont do gay fiction unless its with BTS then I can6.Request more then once.You can do that8.Please name the group the kpop idol you choose is from